House with shingle roof

What Can I Do If My Roof Is Leaking?

Seeing your roof leaking is not a pretty sight. However, you better take prompt action once you notice a leak to stop any further and costly problems in the future from occurring.

Initial Steps To Take If Your Roof Is Leaking

When you spot a leak, the first step to do is to get a bucket to collect all the falling liquids. In case the leak is major, you should grab a second bucket replacing the first, once it is full. To remove this annoying water dripping sound, attach a board up in the bucket.

Once your bucket is in place, the next action would be to get rid of the leftover moisture as quickly as possible. You may use an old mop or cotton towel to absorb all the water coming off the leak. You may also use a fan to blast the area with air and dry it out quicker. Plus, you’ll prevent mold from developing this way.

Call A Roofing Expert To Inspect Your Leaking Roof

Once you have followed the above initial steps, you have managed to control the damage that your leak may have caused, however, you better call a roofing expert to evaluate and fix the source of the leakage. If your insurance company is willing to cover any relevant damage to your roof, you may get a quote from the roofing contractor for all the fixing work before you finally close a deal with them. If your insurance provider finally accepts your claim, they will cover your repair expenses.

In case your roof is inspected by a roofing expert, they won’t just inspect your roof but will take a closer look at your home’s underside structure, to find any leakage spot.

Why You Shouldn’t Postpone Leaking Repairs

If you notice a leakage in your roof, it’s best to act promptly. A leaking roof won’t simply fix itself and will only get worse with time. Even if the leakage is minor, it may expand and lead to further major problems in the structural integrity of your home in the future–not to mention the high costs that come with it. Therefore, treating a leak as soon as you spot it, will save you lots of cash and energy afterward as you won’t bother with future costly repairs.

Periodic Roof Checks Are Your Best Way To Stop Leakage

To prevent any leaks or minor damage from happening to your roof, it’s best to hire professional roofers for regular inspections or maintenance work if necessary. Just like everything else, “prevention is better than cure”.